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SO YOU WANT TO BE AN IKI KRAV MAGA black belt? (or any color)

IKI offers belt ranks and instructor ranks in Krav Maga and Kickboxing.

For instructor rank requirements and details please see Certification.

For suggested belt requirements please see the links in the paragraph below, but first, a little explanation. For those who are new to IKI, or just inquiring, we are a Concept based system, rather than a technique based system. This means it is difficult, and unimportant, to list a set of techniques for each rank. What we are after is understanding the concept behind each self-defense move: Understand the concept and you will be able to recreate a technique. (even if you have forgotten it, which happens even to me sometimes). Understand the concept, and you will be able to create a technique that will match the needs of a self defense situation, perhaps one you had never encountered in class.

Infinite Number of Situations

There are an infinite number of self defense situations that may come up, i.e. infinite number of variations and possibilities in which violence may manifest itself. and yet there are only a finite number of responses, i.e. self defense techniques. Our goal at IKI is a system of knowing how to successfully apply the finite number of self defense moves in response to the infinite number of possibilities of violence and threats of violence. This we have succeeded in doing.

Therefore our grading/ranking system is not based upon memorization of specific techniques, such as is found in styles like Karate or Taekwondo, but rather on understanding the concepts and learning how to apply them. We call this Krav Apps; Krav Maga applications. 

Thus what you will find below is only a rough guideline for instructors and students as to what is expected for each belt rank, but the true testing is in showing how well you understand the concepts, the basic concepts and techniques that are the foundation of all the more "advanced" situation. 

Difference between ranks: The difference between ranks is how smoothly and confidently one does the techniques, and how well one knows how to the "Apps" i.e. apply the basic techniques and concepts to new and more complicated situations.

Ever Changing world in which we in: Please remember that with IKI we are constantly evolving. Therefore they are always new videos coming out which may not be included in the recommended techniques below. It is important to note that these latest videos can always be included in your test, for any rank you are currently testing for.

Instructors: Instructors testing their students in the IKI style please note; these are recommendations, you can add elements of your choosing to your own tests. If you wish to include pushups or whatever, you may.

How to test: You can test in person, (during Tour and Train in Israel, or at seminars around the world), or by video.

When testing by video here is a tip; before sending in your video of you performing the technique, view the video that I sent out and compare the two. Perhaps even have a friend watch both videos and see if the two videos are close. Often I receive videos for testing and I wonder, what where they thinking? To save both of us time view your video and mine and make sure they are at least close. 

Testing fees: to view testing fees please see IKI Membership, or Certification, Please do not contact me directly about fees.

Please note, when testing on line, fees must be paid before submitting videos for testing.

Krav Maga On-Line testing, and passing


Krav Maga Yellow Belt

Krav Maga Orange Belt

Krav Maga Green Belt

Krav Maga Blue Belt

Krav Maga Brown Belt .

Black Belt

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