Krav Maga Blogs 2024

Keep Playing, June 16

Eye-gouging, June 16

War Stories, June 14

Did Not See That Coming, June 10

Rights vs Practicality, June 9

Why Continue Learning, June 8

Yourself, June 5

Know your Enemy, June 2

Many Forms of Self Defense, May 31

Ever Changing World We live in, May 27

Fantasy Land Krav Maga, May 24

Eternal Cruelty, May 21

Refusal to Accept Reality, May 20

You are It, May 13

Streets Have No Pity, May 1

Is It Israeli Krav Maga? April 28

Krav Maga Journeys, April 22

Know your Weakness, April 15

Win or Lose Respect, April 9

Krav Maga and Tank Lessons, April 6

Moment of Distraction, April 4

War Shatters Illusions, April 1

IDF Soldiers Must Learn Krav Maga

Count Your Money, March 27

Grabbing and Precision Martial-Arts, March 26

For Holly, March 26

Purim Reversal, March 23

Useless Techniques, March 23

The Secrets to Failure, March 19

Awareness Again and Again, March 17

Is the Holiday of Purim for You? March 15

Now, March 11

Quiet with Quiet, March 9

What is Self-Defense? March 8


What You Cannot Imagine, March 7

Knife Defense Awareness, March 6

Optimism is not a Strategy, February 28

Illusion of Safety - Two, February 28

When Reality Strikes, February 24

I Wish I Could Have Done More, February 20

Bad Ass Krav Maga Evolution, February 19

Constant Development Improvement, February 10

Behind Pleasant Valley, February 8

Still Hungry, February 6

Real Pure Krav Maga, January 26

Meeting the Real People, January 24

Body Reactions Expectations, January 23

Too Much Skill, January 21

Offensive Expectations, January 18

Whom Do We Train? January 17

Every Excuse in the World, January 15

Advantages of Disadvantages, January 14

Do You Know, January 11

Difficult Targets, January 5

Now or later, January 5

Could Krav Maga Help, January 3

Repeating the Obvious, January 2

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