krav maga Blogs 2021

Grace Silence, December 25

I Remember Palanka, December 21

A Mother's Love, December 20

To Change, December 17

Krav Maga Go to Technique, December 14

Last Wishes, December 13

After The Disarm, December 6

The Full Picture, December 3

Dream Again, November 21

Release Me, November 18

What We Don't Regret, November 15

The Purpose of Life, November 6

Hospital Stories, November 2

Imagine That, October 29

Motivational Training Krav Maga, October 23

Novice vs. Expert - 2008

Oyama Advice, October 15

Is Krav Maga Effective, October 13

Go Forth, October 12

Dreams and Reality, October 7

Noah's Ark Rested, October 7

A Day in the Life, October 5

What You Will Not Learn, October 2

Boundaries and Separation, September 29

Democratization of Krav-Maga, September 28

Days of Awe Shofar, September 22

Days of Awe, September 16

Time Action Cost, September 15

Am I Ready to Teach, September 14

Moshe Life Lessons, September 13

Divine Time Human Time, September 13

Breaking Point or Turning Point, September 12

Vicarious Power Krav Maga, September 11

Body Knowing Krav-Maga, September 9

Return to Yourself, September 8

What Happens Next, September 1

Iron Man Krav Maga, August 31

Two Milkshakes, August 26

The Human Factor, August 25

Elevator Krav Maga, August 16

They will come, August 5

Mystical Martial Arts, August 2

Anxiety Control, July 28

Krav Maga Smile, July 26

Do You Know it? July 23

Talmudic Krav Maga Process, July 20

Touching People, July 15

Accidental Truth, July 14

My Way Krav Maga

Observation Point, July 7

Make Believe Krav Maga, July 1

Whom Are You Teaching, June 30, 2021

Knife Defense - Questions

Already There Self Defense, June 17

Red Light Green Light Krav Maga, June 15

Distractions and Self Defense, June 13

Krav Maga Spirit, June 8

Art of Knowing, June 6

To Be Cool, June 1

Impressive Defense Systems, May 28

Developing Confidence, May 25

Your Day will Come, May 24

Reducing the Gap, May 10

Mind Body Position, May 10

Mediocre Krav Maga, May 6

Yes is the Answer, April 26

Ready for the Knife, April 26

Where is the Alcojel, April 19
Enough Not Enough, April 16
The Last Partisan, April 12
Herbert Hodges, April 6

Four Questions Four Sons, March 29

Because You Were Once, March 22

Ego and Judgement, March 20

Krav Maga and the Art of Parking, March 19

Messiah Dreaming, March 17

Underestimating Opponents, March 17

Great Expectations, March 13

Obsession Perfection Krav Maga, March 12

Mistakes You Can Live With, March 8

Give It Time, March 7

Harsh Reality Krav Maga, March 5

Size of the Problem, March 4

Gun Ownership and Krav Maga, March 2

Teachers, Values, Role Models, February 21 

Utopia Krav Maga, February 18

Complexity Made Simple, February 16 

Taking it to the Streets, February 10

Climate Change Krav Maga, February 4 

Rethink Everything, February 1 

Fear Factor, January 31

Travel Training, January 25

Where Will it lead us from Here, January 13

What We Accept, January 13

Life Opportunities, January 5

Wake Up to Reality, January 1